Savings account

    Our savings accounts are designed to suit your personal banking needs as you grow. Whether you are saving towards a particular project or just setting money aside for rainy day expenses, BC Kash’s savings account will help you to achieve your saving goal and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are equipped for the unexpected.

    Features and Benefits

    Earns highly competitive interest rates

    You get a debit card to access your money at any time

    E-banking options including mobile banking and ATMs

    *540*227*Amount# to buy your airtime

    Email/SMS alert

    Current account

    Open a BC Kash current account with full account requirement that allows you perform 3rd party or business transactions with ease and enjoy the convenience that comes with owning a BC Kash current account.

    Features and Benefits

    Enjoy the benefits that comes with a savings account

    Personalized cheque book

    Children’s savings plan

    This is a medium/long term savings plan opened for children by their parents /guardians to safeguard the future of their children or wards. It helps the parents plan and work towards sending their children to the best schools of their choice. Parents can save towards their children’s school fees and their university education.

    Minimum savings period of 3 months

    Minimum opening balance of ₦5,000.00

    Attractive interest rate

    Access to school fees relief loan without tampering with the plan

    Helps parents to save towards their children’s school fees

    Helps to reduce financial burden on the parents

    Higher interest rate, more than the usual savings account

    Flexibility in payments – Parents or guardians can pay in monies into the account at any given time but it is mandatory that a deposit is made into the account at least once a month.

    Future savings plan

    BCKASH future savings plan is a long-term savings plan that involves a consistent savings of funds monthly or weekly to meet future financial obligations. It is a product designed for individuals who are gainfully employed or that earn income monthly and are saving toward a long-term project. The product is aimed at encouraging the savings culture of people.

    It is a treasury product that its duration varies from minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5years. The minimum amount that can be invested (i.e. monthly contribution) is the sum of N1,000.00(One thousand naira). The product will attract a minimum rate of 5%p.a. as the case maybe with a minimum monthly savings of N1,000..

    It is Long term

    It has a competitive higher interest rate

    Open to all i.e. employees in the public and private sector etc

    Flexibility in contribution. One can increase his/her payments any time as your income improves

    Target savings plan for major projects like property acquisition and business capital, etc

    Guaranteed rate of return---which makes it a low risk option

    Guaranteed rate of return---which makes it a low risk option

    Helps to cultivate disciplined and consistent saving habits

    Assists to mop fund to set up personal business or investment in real estate/capital market

    Easy and cheaper access to loans to purchase land, pay school fees, Business capital etc

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